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İndian Gola

The Indian Gola pigeon is a strong ( flying breeds ) breed. It is raised for both speed and endurance. These birds are excellent flyers, and they have an average speed of 65-70 mph. They can fly 10-11 hours without stopping.

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indian gola pigeons


İndian Mondain

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indian mondaine pigeons

Over the centuries of their development, the Golas often varied in size and type due to cross-breeding and mixing of wild pigeons. For unknown reasons the grizzle factor and tigering pattern became more strongly fixed in this breed than in any other.

With the Gola, Carneaus, Maltese, Runts and French Gros Mondaines were improved in size and weight while maintaining the desired light tan and maintaining the breed’s reproductive nature.

They resemble the original Gola in color and marking. They are often strikingly tigered, a beautiful bird to watch. It appears to be difficult for the Indian Mondaine to hold its size as a squabbing breed ( utility breeds ). Without outcrosses to other large breeds, they seem to return to the size of the parent Indian Gola.


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indian mondain pigeons

İndian Highflyer

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pearl highflyer

These pigeons show endurance flying skill.( highflyer breeds ) They can reach up to 1800+ feet height above the ground. They fly on the top of loft at high elevation. It becomes very difficult to see them by naked eye,

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indian highflyer