Highflyer Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

French Highflyer Pigeons

weib Hochflieger
Französischer Hochflieger

Haut-volant Francais

French Highflyer ornamental dove – or also known by the names: Französischer Hochflieger, Altovolante Francese, Французский высоколетный – is a variety that originates from the northern region of Francis, which is thought to have been developed in the mid-19th century. Some breeders consider that varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler are very close to their kinship with the Cumulet race. This variety is considered to have a perfect appearance, the edge from the beginning to the present is intended as a pilot, especially in different inter-cage competitions (dovecote). Able to fly for two hours. But until now, this variety is considered still rare.


Französischer Hochflieger weiß, Exposition Avicole Illzach 2012 video bye taubedaisy