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Polish Shield Highflyer Pigeons

highflyer வளர்ப்புப் புறா
polish pigeons

Polski Tarczowy Wysokolotny

Polish Shield Highflyer – or also known by the names: , Haut-Volant Polonais à Bouclier Coloré, Polnischer Schildiger Hochflieger, Польский Щитковый Высоколётный – is a variety that originated in Poland, which was developed after the end of World War II ( around the 1940s), and informed as a result of the crossing of the Odessa races, St. Nicholas and other races. This type of tumbler pigeons variety is very popular in Poland (known as “Orlik Poland“), and is famous for its exceptional flying abilities, although it is also quite beautiful in terms of appearance.

Polnischer Hochflieger
Polnischer Schildiger Hochflieger
pigeons Haut-volant - haut à volant
Haut-volant Polonais à bouclier coloré
Polski tarczowy wysokolotny