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highflyer pigeons - hungarian
Szegedin Highflyer

Szegedi Magasszálló keringö

Szegedin Highflyer  – or also known by the names: Szegedin Thurman, Szegediner Hochflieger , Haut-volant de Szeged , Capitombolante in Seghedino, Сегедские турманы – is an ancient race belonging to Hungary, especially in Szeged and other cities, including in Germany, but it has not been known since when it began to be developed (existing records only mention that this variety was known when the Turkish government took place in Hungary), so in the late 1700s or in the early 1800s. The varieties grouped into the Tumbler type are known and popular because of their great flight ability – although some breeders say that since development, there has been a decline in flight performance in this variety. In addition, the appearance aspect of this variety is also very interesting.

Szegediner Hochflieger
Szegedi Magasszálló keringö
Haut-volant pigeon
Haut-volant de Szeged

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