Tumbler Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Russe Tschilbolli Bulgarian Pigeons

Russer Tschilbolli

Rusenski tschilbolija

Rousse Tschilbolli – or also known by the names: Tchilbolii de Russé, Chilbolli, Russer Tschilbolli, Tschilbolli di Russé, Чилболии – is a variety that originated in the Rouse region (Bulgaria), known since the 18th century, and widely bred in all regions of Bulgaria. This variety belongs to the Tumbler type, known for being a great aviator, flying very high and doing fantastic rounds in the air, dipping vertically with incredible speed. It is also capable of issuing deep sounds and singing – like a depressed sound coming out of the chest. This variety until now is still getting attention for flying skills and its unique appearance.

Tschilbolii de Russé
bulgarian pigeons
Russe Tschilbolli