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Polish Masciuch Tumbler

culbutant - pigeon japan
Culbutant Polonais Masciuch

Masciuch Polski

The Polish Masciuch Tumbler – or also known by the names: Culbutant Polonais Masciuch, Polnische Kurze (Masciuch Polski), Capitombolante Polacco a Becco Corto (Masciuch), Польский короткоклювый турман – a variety originating in Poland, the region Malopolska and especially the center of Lviv, which was informed began to be developed since the beginning of the 18th century. Varieties belonging to the Tumbler type are very popular, especially favored by great flight ability – in the past known as “purcell” or polish kid “. In addition to extraordinary flying abilities, this variety also has a unique appearance.

dove in polish
Polnischer Masciuch
polish pigeons - اجمل الحمام
Polish Masciuch Tumbler