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Beloslatin Double crested Tumbler

beloslatin tumbler

Beloslatinski pigeon (БЕЛОСЛАТИНСКИ ГЪЛЪБ)

Beloslatin DC Tumbler – just known as: Beloslatiner doppelkoppiger Tümmler , Culbutant de Beloslatin à coquille et visière – is a variety originating from Bulgaria, especially developed in the Vratsa region, in the villages of Harlets, Kneja and surrounding areas. Varieties classified into this Tubmler type, are the result of crossing the Lom race with other pigeons, but no information has been found on when this variety appears. Just mentioned, that a prominent breeder, Angel Borisov, was very instrumental in developing and promoting this ornamental dove.

Beloslatiner doppelkoppiger Tümmler
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Culbutant de Beloslatin à coquille et visière