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Dubica Roller

dubica pigeons
dubica roller pigeons

Dubički Prevrtač

Dubica Roller – or also known by the names:Rouleur de Dubica,Дубицкий турман – are varieties originating from Bosnia-Herzegovina, which were developed in the middle of the 20th century, and believed to be mixed with Zagreb varieties, and others . At first, this variety did not meet the requirements of being a dove for flight, but through cross-breeding with the Vratschssschka variety, finally having a decent flying ability, including being able to perform acrobatic movements in the air. This variety classified as tumbler pigeons type is quite popular in its home country, and has been described in the national harvesting standard in 2007. Apart from good flying ability, this variety also has a quite attractive appearance.

pigeons rouleur
Rouleur de Dubica
tümmler - tauben - dubica
dubica roller