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Софийски Червен Донек

Sofia Red Donek -is a variety originating from Bulgaria, especially bred in Sofia, but it has not been known since when its development began, only estimated in the 19th century. This variety which is classified as Tumbler type, like Sofia Black Donek, is believed to have kinship with other Sofia pigeons species . This variety is also considered to be quite popular, especially because of its exceptional flight performance, including skills in performing acrobatic movements in the air. At first glance, this variety has a “normal” appearance, although it is rather unique.


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Софийски бенкалия

Sofia White Donek – are varieties originating from Sofia (Bulgaria), which have been developed since the 1900s, and have undergone a process of glorification since 30-40 years ago ( to get “bemkaliya“, white dove). These varieties classified as Tumbler types, are generally developed in Pazardjik, Haskovo, and Gua – and although their appearance is somewhat similar to the Pazardjik race, they have been expressed as separate and separate varieties. According to some records, this variety has appeared “different from its cousins”, especially after an intensive selection process since 1970-1971. This variety is known for its great flying ability, has good performance in performing acrobatic movements in the air.

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Софийски Черен Донек

Sofia Black Donek – also known as: – are varieties from Turkey, especially cultivated in the city of Bursa, but have not found information since when they were developed – only estimated in the 19th century. This variety, which is classified as Tumbler type, is actually developed for great flight purposes, but in Bulgaria, it is informed that this variety is more “grounded” for the purpose of improving appearance. This variety is believed by some breeders to have a close relationship with Plovdiv and several other Bulgarian races. This variety has great flying ability, is very skilled in performing acrobatic movements in the air.

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Sofia Double Colour Donek  ( Palbella ) They look much like the White Donut, but have a less pronounced transition on the forehead and spotted on the back, wings, head and tail with red-brown patterns.

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