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Macedonian Dunek

Dunek de Macédoine

Makedonski Dunek

Macedonian Dunek – also known by the names: Mazedonischer Dunek ( drehtaube) , Dunek de Macédoine -This pigeons, in Macedonia, was brought from Turkey, and not by the scribe Petko Stojkovski, who is one of the founders of the Union of Macedonian Cups. Although the history of this bird is over six hundred years old, however, we know little about it.

The flight of Dunek above our skies began around the 1800s, the time when the rich Turks brought us with us. Each pigeons has its own name, and it is also Turkish, and it has its own significance according to the skill or the highest characteristic that the bird adorns.

Duneks is compared with the value of the spacecraft, for example, and today, however, this bird is one of the few things the world does not recognize. some of the roller doves is mainly the entire Balkan area, especially Macedonia ,  Kosovo and Turkey but also Yugoslavia and Greece. Roller pigeons are very common in these countries, and many breeders have the same value immediately after the family.

The pigeon race is generally referred to in your home countries as Dunek, Dünek or Dönek. As Dunek, Dönek or Dünek races are described from high altitude, about its own longitudinal axis rotating to the earth. In Germany, and especially in the member countries of the EFU (European scooter Union), the term for narrow-minded Dunek the term “Macedonian rotary dove” prevailed which are particularly prevalent in Macedonia, in the Kosovo area, Yugoslavia and Greece. A sure mark is the stocking but beware there are also very good tightly spinning Macedonians without cropping.

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Mazedonische Drehtaube