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Persian High Flyers

iranian pigeons - tehrani

Kaftar Tehrani – İranian highflyers

The Tehran Highflyer  pigeon – also known as the names: Persian Highflyer, Tehran, Shahre-Rey Highflyer – is a variety originating from Persia, developed in Tehran (Iran), which has been known to be known since the 1960s. This type of tumbler type  species is actually a fraction-descendant group of pigeon varieties that have existed in Persia, including Iranian Highflyer. This variety is very popular in its home regions, and has also begun to be bred in several countries in Europe. This variety has a great flying ability, around 8 hours, although from the appearance side it looks rather ordinary.

Bird in all color in selfs and grizzle without the recessive color, for endurance and time on wing at very high altitude (even out of sight) and its slow hawk likes flying style. Some strains are good tumblers as well and put on a good show during flights. Mostly bred clean legged and plain headed but grouse legged and peak crested birds are common in some strains. and similar breeds bankay kabootar kamagar kabootar types of pigeons

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