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Tomaszow shortbeaked Tumbler

Culbutant de Tomaszow

Krótkodzioby Tomaszowski

Tomaszow shortbeaked Tumbler -also known by the name : Tomaszowski Kurzschnäblicher Tümmler , Culbutant de Tomaszow á bec court– This pigeon was bred at the beginning of the 20th century. Mainly kept in the area of ​​central Poland, more precisely in such cities as Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Wolbórz or Łódź. It is a small pigeon. Characteristic features are his posture and abundantly feathered legs. It is a pigeon with a gentle temper and not shy. The head is small and smooth, without any laces or tops.

The bird’s eye is slightly flattened. The eyes should be pearly. On the other hand, the eyebrows are flesh-colored. It can also be added that they are double-breasted and of equal thickness around the circumference of the eye. The beak is short but quite thick. As with eyebrows, it is flesh-colored. The waxes are small and adhere well. They can be lightly ‘stained’ with white color. The neck is of medium length. However, it is slightly bent backwards. Podgardle has well rounded and cut. The breast of this species of pigeon is wide and rounded.

The bird wears her forward. The backs are wide but short and fall. The wing is also short. They adhere well to the torso of the bird. The wings do not cross each other. The pigeon breeds wears them on the tail. The tail is of medium length and well compact. The legs are medium in size. As I wrote earlier, they are richly dressed in feathers. The color of the claws should match the color of the pigeon’s beak. The whole plumage is resilient and well-fitting to the body. This pigeon occurs only in one variation of color. It is a white color with two yellow stripes running through the wings of the bird.
Ring number 9.

short face tumbler


Culbutant de Tomaszow á bec court