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Cubulltant Winerek
Cubulltant Winerek

Winerek Polski

Polish Winerek Tumbler – also known by the names: Polnischer Winerek Tümmler , Cubulltant Winerek – breeds are still old, unrecognized breeds in our country, bred quite often in a form pigeons type, and at the same time enjoying quite high popularity. One of these breeds, until recently treated quite marginally, are well-known and well-liked wineries. This old breed of strongly established genotype has been bred for decades throughout Poland. However, despite its beauty and popularity for a very long time, it did not have an approved pattern, and thus was stuck on the periphery of the Polish pigeon.

Pigeons  old, widely known and quite popular breed, in fact few people knew what a model wineier should look like. These pigeons are bred throughout the country, but their appearance is not unified. Depending on the region, the wines are slightly different. There is also a fairly large and even population of crowned, lenticular wineries, which have been completely forgotten.  Cross bird with other pigeons, eg Czech high-flying, (czesky rejdić). I must mention that after the winery with a drawing of a stork, there are also father white specimens with a model silhouette, unfortunately they are not included in the pattern. In some pigeons there are also breeding hybrids from winerka with Polish shekels and these pigeons must be eliminated from breeding. A characteristic feature of these hybrids is the cubic head and clearly shorter beak, they also often have whimsical coloring. Each of these breeds was bred in a different type, for a different purpose and in another region. Szeki was bred in Lviv as an ornamental and short-horned breed, and the ancestors of our winery in Budapest, 600 km away, as an average and very volatile race.

Despite the fact that there was no developed and approved pattern of winery, for decades they were bred in purity of the breed while maintaining their original appearance. Normalization took place in 2013 at the moment of elaboration and approval of the winerka pattern (with the adjective: Polish) and now this breed is officially named Polish winerek.
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tümmler tauben
Polnischer Winerek Tümmler


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Polish Winerek Tumbler