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Kaunas Ribbon Tail Lithuanian Pigeons

Kaunas Spiegelschwanz

Kauno baltajuostis vartiklis

Kaunas ribbon tail – or also known by the names: Kaunas Spiegelschwanz , Miroité de Kaunas- pigeon breed was formed in the 20th century. in the middle of Lithuania, mainly thanks to the efforts of Kaunas pigeons. The breed was created on the basis of the old Russian high-stake cultivar Tula red-white (mostly with tufts).

Medium-sized, short-body shapes, tighter, low-pitched, typical of lower-winged shapes, throbbing necks, raised tails with broad white stripes. It runs at an average height and uses the tail several times.They have short body, horizontally worn, with fine constitution. Round head, proportional to the body. Large eyes, pearls, surrounded by light-colored genes (dead eyelash). Middle jelly. Small, smooth, powdery white. Medium length neck. Rounded, bulging chest. Short, wide rear. Winged, long wings. Long, long tail, composed of 14 to 16 feathers. Short legs, uncut, red. The penis is dense, smooth and tightly bonded to the body. The body is yellow or chestnut with green metallic reflections, the nipples of the wings are light gray, and a rectangular white border, at least 2 cm wide.

kauna pigeons
Kaunas ribbon tail
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Miroité de Kaunas