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Andischan Tumbler  pigeons – or also known by names: Andijaner Tümmler, Andijan Klatschtümmler, Андижан – are the most ancient varieties originating from Uzbekistan, especially from the Uzbek City and Andijan and its surroundings. Information has not been found since when the varieties belonging to the Tumbler type began to be developed, only thought to have existed since the end of the 17th century or in earlier times. This pigeon is developed now for extraordinary flying abilities.

Pigeon breeders Andijans as a result of many years of selective work considerably contributed to improvement of conformation of a pigeon, and extraction of new intensive color blows.

As a result, the popularity of the breed grew and became widespread in the cities of the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan and the border towns of the neighboring republics of Kyrgyzstan and many CIS countries. An exceptional feature of the “Andijaner” pigeon are their flight play qualities. The pigeon is able to fly in the sky, in exceptional heights (flutter height or point height) of six and more hours, and some well-trained specimens up to 12 hours. The flight style of this pigeon is characterized by sharp exit in the vertical column (candle-pull), sometimes with the screw, with the height of the pillar (candle) to 10 – 15 m. At the same time vertical rise of a pigeon is followed by sharp clapping with rollovers (to 15-fold). The game of Andijaner pigeons is harmonious and organized, they play (rollover) not only during ascent and landing, but also in all altitudes (flutter height or point height).

With constant training throughout the year, the young pigeons start the game pretty soon as the flight gets bigger and longer.

The doves in the sky fly in a circle and usually in the lurch. They have a very strong sense of orientation in the field, as well as homeliness. Andijans raise very good their nestlings, are considered by the lovers as good Ammentauben. The pigeons are robust and resistant to various diseases, are very energetic and undemanding.


In general, the Andijan is a relatively large pigeon, with the lifted body (37-40 cm), with the wide chest (26-28 cm in circumference), The wings lie along the body on the tail (the

Length of a tail 15 – 18 cm) feather are wide, legs rather long-stumped to a slap, with short spurs, toes are naked, with an extended head, a narrow sharp head on a neck, a beak an average length,

the white expressive eyes even with white doves, the back even. The tail consists of 12 to 14 control springs.

The most common colors are:

White, Yellow, Red, Dun, Black, Reddish, Blue with black bandages, Chinny in different variations, Black pied, White – Red-necked. The color of the beak of this dove harmonizes with the general coloring of the head and the eyelids.

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