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Shirazi Tumblers IRAN Persian Breeds

iranian Shirazi Tumbler

Shirazi tumbler is breed specifically for it’s color as well as tumbling. It is a true Tumbler pigeons in a sence that it should tumble very frequent during flight. It is not popular in Tehran and are mostly kept by Fanciers in central Iran who like fancy pigeons (Rangbazan). Ideal bird should carry a perfect color without any fault. it is crested with a needle-pointed peak crest. It is either clean-legged or muffed. Bred in self colored as well as some attractive colored varieties and patterns that separates them into several types as follows:

Colored Head ( Kaleh )

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Shirazi Tumbler pigeon colorhead
persian tumbler breeds
Shirazi Tumbler kaleh

White Wings ( Sineh )

sineh - persian -tumbler
shirazi White Wings Sineh

White-Tailed ( Dom-Sefeed )

white tailed tumbler pigeons
White Tailed Dom Sefeed