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Liepaja white tail Pigeons

tumbler pigeons - lithuanian tumbler
lithuanian pigeons

Liepojos baltauodegis

The Liepaja white tail – or also known by the names: Liepaja Weißschwanz , Liepaja à queue blanche – The breed originates from the East Prussian pigeon breed ; pigeon breed in western Latvia. 19th century At the end of the 19th century Liepaja and its environs are well known. Today, the breed’s traits were finally formed in the 20th century. in the first half.
Fancy pigeons breeds medium size, about 34-36 cm long, pigeonhole with round body, walnut-shaped head, medium length beak, lush, broad tuft and feathered legs. They are very energetic, alive, flying in low-pitched circles and turning back and forth 2-3 times without losing height.

Liepojos baltauodegis
Liepaja Weißschwanz