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Башкирские (Уфимские) Спартаки

Spartacus Pigeon – or also known by the following names: Bashkir Spartacus, Bashkir Dove Spartacus, Спартаки – A variety originating from the Ufa region, Bashkortostan (Russia), reportedly developed in the third decade of the 20th century. This variety, belonging to the tumbler type, is very popular in its region, but is still classified as rare, especially outside Russia. This diversity is known for its excellent flight ability, especially in bulk (in a very compact group) – the ability to fly in one formation and is described as being unusually “never dispersed”. It has a beautiful and elegant appearance as well as good flying abilities.

Referring to very limited data (collection of rabbit clippings), this variety is classified as medium-sized, horizontal body position, strong, stocky, but generally small. The head is round, large, with a short crest, medium-sized beak. Long wings, close to each other, both ends above the tail. The tail is long, slightly broad, sloping backward, sometimes dragging on the ground.

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