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Armavir Longface Tumbler

russian tumbler pigeons - red pigeons
Armavir Longface Tumbler

Армавирские бойные голуби

Armavir LF Tumbler pigeons – also known as: Armavir langschnäblicher. Klatschtümmler, Claqueur d’Armavir à bec long , Capitombolante on Armavir – are varieties that have been cultivated since the 18th century, in the Krasnodar region (southern Russia), especially in cities such as Tashkent, Samarkand and Andijan, races which were then known as “in Tashkent”. Developed from Pigeons’ North-Caucasian Crack Tumbler. Then, in the area around Armavir, breeding efforts began, which eventually gave birth to these varieties – grouped in type Tumbler. This variety is medium in size, with muffed, crested or crested hairs. This variety includes a strong and fast pilot.

Claqueur d’Armavir à bec long
red tumbler - russian pigoens
armavir tumbler pigeons
Armavir langschnäblicher. Klatschtümmler

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