Structure Pigeons

Indian Fantail Pigeons

indian fantail - structure pigeons - american fantail pigeons
indian fantail pigeons

The fancy pigeon indian Fantail ;

or also known by the names of: Queue de Paon Indien, Indische Pfautaube, Pavoncello Indiano, Индийский павлин – is a variety which originated in India, which is known developed since the 16th century, which in its development, to ” race Asia “were informed in 1590. the varieties classified structure pigeons type was first imported from the United States to Germany in 1976 (EE mention the United States as the region of origin). This variety is informed as a good pilot, but practically maintenance now only aimed at the graceful and beautiful appearance. In this description, for a while I still put him as the same variety with Hindi Fantail.

Indian Fantail - american fantail pigeons
Indian Fantail
Indische Pfautaube
Indische Pfautaube – fan tail doves
Queue de Paon Indien - structure pigeons
Queue de Paon Indien
indische pfautauben

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