Structure Pigeons

Chinese Owl Pigeons( Chinesentaube )

chinesetauben-chinese owl
blue chinese owl

The Fancy pigeon Chinese Owl – also known by the names: Cravate Chinois, Chinesentaube, Cravattato Cinese, Китайская сова – a variety thought to originate from Spain, or maybe India. Varieties are classified into this Structure pigeons type, if the note name, as if it came from China. Some information says that the ancestors of the Chinese Owl is actually Chorrera, then by a bird trader descendant of Francis introduced the name “Chinese Owl”. From this story, it is estimated the development of this variety stems from the 1860s. Now, this variety has spread and is cultivated almost in all countries of the world. This variety is recognized as an attractive appearance.

Chinesentaube - STRUKTURTAUBEN - tauben
Cravaté Chinois - pigeons de structure
Cravaté Chinois
chinese owl pigeons - white pigeons - structure pigeons
white chinese owl pigeons
chinesetauben - chinese owl pigeons
chinese owl pigeons chinesetauben

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