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American Giant Crest

The United States was recognized as a breed in January 1940 at the National Pigeon Association Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was created from the same stock as the French Mondian and was originally called the French Crested Mondian. It was renamed to its current name in 1939. It differs from the French Mondian only in that it is crested and has a flat back. They were developed by frequent crosses with Mondain and french Sottobanca.

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Miniature American Crest

The Miniature American Crest was designed and selected by H. Eric Buri of Birmingham, New Jersey, who was a leader in the creation of Giant Crest. Interest in Modenas was high in 1943 and Buri felt it would be advantageous to have a small Giant Rig for breeders who wanted a smaller sized breed like Giant Crest for field or feed economy.

These birds were bred in all Modena colors, especially almonds and whites. This tiny bird occupies less breeding ground, eats less, and produces more offspring. Both of these breeds are bred to the same standard, with one exception, Miniatures will be around 16 ounces and Giants 27-32 Ounces. The first Miniatures were bred from crested Modenas, Mookees were crossed with Archangels, and even a crested common pigeon has been tried with some success. In recent years, Andalusian color was brought from Kormoner Tumbler.

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Crested Soultz Pigeon ( Huppé de Soultz ) crested mondain

crested soultz – creted mondain

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