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american giant crest

American giant crest

The United States, recognized at the National Pigeon Association Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in January 1940 as a breed. It was created from the same stock as the French Mondian and was originally called French Crested Mondian. It was renamed its present name in 1939. It differs only from the French Mondian in that it is crested and has a straight back.


american pigeons
mini crest

Miniature american crest

The United States. The Miniature American Crest was conceived and named by H. Eric Buri, of Birmingham, New Jersey, a leader in the creation of the Giant Crest. In 1943 interest in Modenas was at a high level, and Buri thought it would be advantageous to have a bantam-size Giant Crest for breeders who, for economy of space or feed, desired a breed like the Giant Crest, but of smaller size. The first outcross was made to a crested common pigeon, Further outcrosses were made to the clean-legged Long-Faced Tumbler and the Modena.

References: Encyclopedia of Pigeon breeds by Wendell Mitchell Levi, accepted everywhere as Mr. Pigeon

Crested Soultz Pigeon ( Huppé de Soultz ) crested mondain

crested soultz – creted mondain

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