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Old Dutch Tumbler Pigeons ( Oudhollandse Tuimelaar )

tumbler pigeons champ - old dutch tumbler
old dutch tumbler pigeona

Oud – hollandse Tuimelaar

The Old Dutch Tumbler pigeons – also known by names: Culbutant Hollandais Ancien, Altholländischer Tümmler, Vecchio Capitombolante Olandese, Староголландский Турман – a variety originating from the Netherlands, which began to be developed since the 16th century, but originally originally from India .

Old Dutch Tumbler is a well-known Dutch breed of pigeons. Characteristic is the imposing base of big muffed on the legs. In the past, the Old Dutch tumbler was an excellent flyer, but nowadays they are no longer suitable for free flight due to breeding and crossing other breeds. They are quiet pigeons with a pleasant character, breed perfectly and raise their young with great care.

Breeds belonging to this type of tumbler pigeons are now widespread in Europe, popular and widely farmed by the population. This variety is able to fly well, but more focused for the beauty of appearance.

Old Dutch Tumbler - netherland pigeons
Old Dutch Tumbler
old dutch tumbler pigeons
old dutch tumbler magpie
muffed pigeons - tumbler pigeons
old dutch tumbler white side
muffed- old dutch tumbler
old dutch muffed tumbler pigeons
Oudhollandse Tuimelaar
Oudhollandse Tuimelaar
Culbutant Hollandais ancien
Culbutant Hollandais ancien
Altholländischer Tümmler
Altholländischer Tümmler
Altholländischer Tümmler - tümmler tauben
Altholländischer Tümmler