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Warsaw Butterfly Pigeons ( Motyl Warszawski )

warsaw butterfly tumbler

The Polish Butterfly pigeons – also known by the names: Papillon de Varsovie, Warschauer Schmetterling, Farfallato di Varsavia, Польская бабочка – are varieties originating from Warsaw, Lodz and surrounding areas (Poland), informed that began to be developed early 20th century. Varieties belonging to this type of tumbler pigeons include very popular in the regions of origin. This variety has good flying ability, but in general its development is more done to improve appearance.Warsav pigeons is this a butterfly is this a pigeon

Motyl Warszawski
Motyl Warszawski
Papillon de Varsovie - culbutants
Papillon de Varsovie
Warschauer Schmetterling - tümmler
Warschauer Schmetterling
black mottle pigeons
crested butterfly pigeosn