Owl Pigeons

Polish Owl ( Mewka Polska )

polish owl pigeons

The Polish Owl pigeons– also known by the names: Cravaté Polonais, Polnisches Mövchen, Cravattato Polacco, Польская сова – is a varietal originating from the southeastern region of Poland, but has not found information since when it was developed, only declared as an ancient race, which resulting from cross-breeding with the Anatolian Owl race (estimated around the 16th century). Varieties belonging to this type of owl pigeons are now widespread cultivated, even outside Europe. It is known that this variety has excellent flying ability, but is now widely cultivated for improved appearance quality.

Cravaté Pigeons
Cravaté Polonais
Mewka Polska
owl pigeons
polish owl pigeons
Mövchen - tauben
Polnisches Mövchen

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