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oriental frill pigeons

The Oriental Frill – also known by names: Cravaté Oriental, Orientalisches Mövchen, Cravattato Orientali, Восточная Cова – is a variety that grew up in Asia Minor territories, and was first introduced to Germany in 1849, when it was known with the name “flower from the East”. Varieties belonging to this type of Owl pigeons are actually descendants of the Old Oriental Owl, then these varieties evolve into several variations, namely Blondinette and Satinette (which by some breeders have been declared as separate varieties). This variety has excellent flying ability, but its development is now more for the beauty of appearance.

satinette oriental frill
satinette frill – satin kabutar
Mövchen tauben
Orientalisches Mövchen
hünkari - oriental frill
oriental frill
fancy pigeons blondinettes
pigeons Cravaté
Cravaté Oriental

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