Trumpeter Pigeons

Bokhara Trumpeter Pigeons

trumpeter pigeons
bokhara trumpeter

The Bokhara Trumpter pigeons – also known by names: Tambour de Boukharie, Bucharische Trommeltaube, Tamburo in Bukhara, Бухарский барабанщик – are varieties originating from Persia, or from Bukhara (Uzbekistan). Then in 1872, or perhaps earlier, was introduced to Germany. Varieties that are grouped into this type of Trumpeter pigeons, are very popular in some countries, among others in the United States. This variety is popular because of its unique appearance accompanied by its “trumpet” sound which is thought to be similar to the sound of laughter.

Tambour - pigeons
Tambour de Boukharie
bokhara - trumpeter - pigeons
red trumpeter
Bucharische Trommeltaube

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