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Razgrad Roller ( Razgradski letatsch )

Roller pigeons
Razgrad Roller

The Razgrad Roller Pigeons – also known by the names: Rouleur de Razgrad, Razgrader Roller, Rotolatore in Razgrad, Разград Роликовые, Разградски Герданлии – is a Bulgarian-derived variety, especially in the Razgrad, Shumen and surrounding areas, as well as Ruse and Targovishte, which have been informed that it has been developed since the Empire Ottoman (14th to 16th centuries), but was only recognized in 2008. This variety has very close objections to Shumen, Sliven, Haskovo, and Chirpan. According to records, varieties belonging to this Tumbler pigeons ( roller) type are also very similar to Palamar in appearance, differing only in sound patterns and feathers. His voice is known locally as “Razgrad music”.

Razgrader Roller
Rouleur pigeons
Rouleur de Razgrad
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Razgradski letatsch