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Orientale Eastslowakian Roller ( Východoslovenský Kotrmeliak )

Rouleur -pigeons
Rouleur de Slovaquie

The East Slovak Roller – also known by the names: Východoslovenský Kotrmeliak, Rouleur de Slovaquie Orientale, Ostslowakischer Roller, Восточно-Словацкий роллер – are varieties originating from Slovakia, especially from the eastern region, but have not been informed since when these varieties developed. It is estimated that varieties belonging to the new Roller pigeons ( oriental roller slovakian type) type began to be developed at the end of the 19th century, so relatively new varieties. Some information indicates that this pigeon looks beautiful, and has a stunning flying ability, especially when performing acrobatic movements in the air.

oriental roller
slovakian oriental roller
Ostslowakischer Roller


Orientale Roller
Orientale Eastslowakian Roller