Owl Pigeons

German Shield Owl ( Deutsches Schildmövchen )

german owl
german shield owl

German Shield Owl pigeons – also known by the names: Cravaté Allemand à Bouclier Colorée, Deutsches Schildmövchen, Cravattato Tedesco Scudato, Немецкая щитковая сова – an old breed originally originally from Asia Minor and North Africa, later incorporated and developed in Germany since the 1980s. The breeders believe that this variety has a kinship with Anatolian Owl, African Owl and Turbit. Varieties belonging to this type of Owl pigeons have great flying ability, although in its development it is now more intended as a display pigeon.

mövchen tauben
Deutsches Schildmövchen
Cravaté Allemand
Cravaté Allemand à bouclier colorée
owl pigeons
german shield owl pigeons

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