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Habul Ruman Owl Pigeon

mövchen tauben
Habul Ruman Mövchen

The Habul – Rumman – owl similar in many respects to their relatives the Urfali – owl, however, are somewhat smaller and more compact, with well developed dewlap pigeons .

The head is rounded with smooth plate without edges. The bill – front – line is broken and goes into the apex line. You are Bald and smooth-footed, have an almost horizontal posture and in stand relatively low. This middle east owl art only comes in the color white with shock. The base color is white, but they have at the wing signs a characteristic save drawing on the so-called Habul – Rumman drawing. The saving color is dark gray or bluish or matt black. The border of the secondaries is blue, the primaries are white. The tail feathers are also white with dull black bandage. Typical breed characteristics of the Habul – Rumman – owl are therefore the lacing on the signs and the grain of the tail feather. The Habul – Rumman – owl are not recognized in the German race pigeons standard.

owl pigeons - german pigeons- hybrid pigeons - owl
Habul Ruman Owl
pigeons de cravate
Cravate Habul Ruman

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