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Aachen Luster Shield Owl

Aachener Lackschildmövchen
Aachener Lackschildmövchen

Aachener Lackschildmövchen

The Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl – also known by the names: Cravate d’Aix la Chapelle, Cravattato di Aquisgrana, Аахенская щитковая сова –  The old German breed that has been bred in the Aachen region and the rest of Rheinland since the mid-18th century. These variants are grouped into OWL types. Appearance is attractive, always happy, but relatively small size. The species of the old German Schildmövchens with a middle beak.

Aachen Luster Shield - mövchen
Aachen Luster Shield
Cravaté d'Aix la Chapelle - pigeons cravate
Cravaté d’Aix la Chapelle
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Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl

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