Ringbater Pigeons

Gelderland Slenke Pigeons ( Gelderse Slenk )

Geldersche Slenke

Gelderland Slenke – also known by the names: Slenke de Gueldre, Geldersche Slenke, Slenke in Gelderland, Гелдерландтурман – are varieties derived from Geldersche (Gelderland, The Netherlands), and are classified as old races, diiformasilan developed since 1870 -an. The varieties belonging to this type of Ringbater Pigeons, have close relatives, namely Groninger Slenke, which are then separated into individual varieties in 1995. These varieties were developed for the usual wide range of flying ability, as well as for its unique appearance.

Slenke de Gueldre
Gelderse Slenk
Gelderse Slenk
ringbater -pigeons
Gelderland Slenke

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