Ringbater Pigeons

Anatolian Ringbeater Pigeons

ringbater - güvercin-fancy pigeons
Tepeli kanad cirpan

Tepeli kanad cirpan

Anatolian Ringbeater Fancy Pigeons– also known by the names: Ringslager d’Anatolie, Anatolischer Ringschläger, Ringschläger dell’Anatolia, Анатолийский кольцебойный – are varieties originating from Eastern Anatolia (Turkey) is a very old breed. (Also rural Kelso, Erzincan and Erzurum) , all varieties are located in Turkey.

An almost horizontal stance and medium-high stance, a very lively field pigeon shape, shown by flapping wings and ringing during courtship flight. This unnamed trait and primary breeding target.

Later these varieties spread to various countries, among others it was included in Germany in 1981. These varieties were grouped in TUMBLER type. In the area of ​​origin, these decorative pigeons have been bred by farmers on farm areas for many years. One of the main characters of this variety is its ability to fly and perform aerobatics in the air.

Ringslager turkish pigeons

Trabzon Ringbater

Trabzon Ringbater is named Marburger Ringschläger in Germany.

The history of the origins and the presentation of the  ( trabzon güvercini ) Marburger Ringschläger among the new breeds are in many ways unforgettable. embers colored ring Anatolia from Turkey have grown to bat longer recognized initially unable to find the helpfulness of the judges accustomed to the pure colors and color boundaries. If they want to be recognized as Anatolian blue-bronze binders, then they need to show off the look of the blue-bronze binder people we know! The model for this is the bronze connector Modena and Modenese. With the skill and training effort, the color was transferred from there to the Anatolian people after the suggestion. Since an expert hitting the public was also at work, the behavior of hitting the public was also preserved.

All colors are rich and pure. Brown-bronze has a bronze color that is more or less black coated on a brown base color. A tail band is more or less indicated.

pigeons - anatolian
Anatolian ringbeater – trabzon
Anatolischer Ringschläger – trabxzon

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