Owl Pigeons

Macedonian Shield Owl Pigeons

makedon pigeons
makeonski ruzan golub

Macedonian Rozanne ornamental pigeon – also known by the names: Makedonski Ružan, Македонский Розан – is a variety originating from southern Macedonia and Serbia, one of the ancient races originally likely to be imported from the Orient, and its development period is unknown, is only expected to begin in the first 100 years of the Turkish government. The varieties grouped into this type of OWL, though considered quite popular, but very few written references that address its existence. This variety has excellent flying ability, in addition to the appearance which is also very beautiful.

owl pigeons - red barred
macedonain rozanne
owl pigeons
macedonain shield owl pigeons
blue shield pigeons
macedonain owl
owl pigeons
white muffed owl pigeons – golubovi

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