Colour Pigeons

Hyacinth Pigeon ( Hyacintduif )

kalapati pigeon
Hyazinthtaube - les pigeons

Hyacinth – also known by names: Hyacinthe, Hyazinthtaube, Giacinto, Гиацинтовый голубь – are varieties of Dutch origin, although some records show that this variety originally came from northern Francis. Not yet found information since when varieties belonging to this type Colour pigeons began to be developed, even some literature rate that this variety is very difficult to verify its origin. Taking into account the position of the type group, then this variety is confirmed if its development for pigeon displays, despite having good flying ability.

colour opigeons
hyacinth pigeon – différents pigeons
güvercinler -
hyacinthe – purebred pigeon
xxx pigeon -
hyacintguif – kabuter