Colour Pigeons

Wurttemberg Moorhead Pigeons

color pigeons - kabootar
Wurttemberg Moorhead

Württemberger Mohrenkopf

Wurttemberg Moorhead ornamental pigeons – or also known by the names: Téte de Maure de WurtembergTesta in Moro del Wuertemberg, Вюртернбергский Черного-Ловый – are from the Wurttemberg and Franconia regions, Germany, whose data have not been found since when it began to be developed, it was only informed that this variety was set in a new standard and name in 1978. This variety grouped into Color pigeon bird type, originally was known to have good flying skills, but in the following developments became dove displays. This variety is considered to be rare, and rarely breeders are cultivating it seriously.

Tête de Maure de Wurtemberg

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