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Silky Fantail Pigeons

silky fantail pigeons

Silky Fantail  pigeon – also known by the names: Seidiger Pfautaube, Шелковистый Трубастый Голубь – is a varieties that hitherto unknown areas of origin or since when to begin development, and up to now some breeders still put them into the common Fantail group. Through some notes that exemplify the descendants of “silky” to Fantail, among others stated by Aldrovandi (Ornithologia, 1599), that “silky pigeon” is an unusual appearance, and according to him, this variety comes from the Netherlands. The first image describes the “Fantail silk” variety, made by John Moore in Columbarium, 1735. Varieties classified into this type of Structure are still rare, and are not often displayed by fanciers in exhibitions. Endonesian – merpati kipas

pigeons - fantail - saddle back
silky fantail pigeons
silky pigeons
silky fantails
pigeons silky
Seidiger Pfautaube

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