Structure Pigeons

Garden Fantail Pigeons

Queue de Paon anglais

Garden Fantail pigeons – also known by names: Queue de Paon Anglais, Garten-Pfautaube, Pavoncello Inglese, Садовый павлин – are varieties originating from the UK, which are thought to have been developed from the mid to the end of the 19th century. The variety belonging to this Structure pigeons type, is actually a derivative of the existing Fantail, which is cultivated specifically in the UK. In this description, I am referring to some data showing that this variety is also known as English Fantail. And although it is able to fly well, but this variety is more developed only for the show.

white pigeons
fantails – Queue de Paon anglais
garden fantails
white fantail pigeons
porumpei Garten Pfautaube

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