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Kosice Roller Pigeons

pigeons - Rouleur
Rouleur de Kosice

Kosicki kotrmeliak

Ornamental pigeon Kosice Roller – also known by the names: Rouleur de Kosice, Kaschauer Roller, Rotolatore di Kosice, Košický Rejdič, Кошический роллер – are varieties originating from Kosice and its surroundings in Slovakia but have not been informed since when it was developed, only estimated in the mid-18th century or earlier. The variety belonging to this tumbler pigeons type, is already quite popular in many European countries, with the choice of great flying ability and in performing acrobatic movements in the air. Some records indicate that this variety has a very kinship relationship with Transylvanian

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Kaschauer Roller
Kosicki kotrmeliak