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Varna Tumbler Pigeons

pigeons Culbutant - white pigeons
Culbutant de Varna

Varnenski letatsch

Varna Tumbler – or also known by the names: Culbutant de Varna, Varnaer Tümmler, Capitombolante di Varna, Варненски Гълъб – is a variety that originated in the Varna (Bulgaria) region, which was bred in the 1900s, but the original race is estimated originating from Asia Minor, possibly from an ancient Egyptian or Turkish pigeon race, brought by sailors anchored in Varna Bay. Varieties that are grouped into this type of Tumbler, widely spread throughout the eastern and southern regions of Bulgaria, have also spread to various countries in the world – commonly known as Ztim. Having good flying skills, including in doing acrobatic movements in the air. This variety is very similar to Lome pigeons.

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varnaer tümmler
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varna tumbler