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Bratislava Highflier Pigeons

Bratislavaer Hochflieger

Bratislavský Vysokoletún

The history of the Bratislava highflyer is overlapping with the history of similar breeds reared throughout the Danube plain. It was probably started in 1887, when the shipyard Binder donated the pigeons from Kolkata / Prof.Ferianc, The Handbook of the Holubiara, 1970 /, which was housed in Vienna. There they have been refined in exterior characters and many color schemes have developed. They had excellent flight characteristics. From there, they spread under the name of the Vienna flyer. The busy shops between the cities helped them expand into Bratislava and Budapest. In Hungary they noticed their excellent flight characteristics at the beginning of the 19th century by the Poltlovci brothers and began to thrive Budapest highflyer. Prof.Ferianc, in the above-mentioned book, with reference to other authors, states that they used Viennese dark bocians and crossed other breeds. It should be remarked that Vienna and later also the high school bells of the city had unrestrained and poorly trapped behaviors.

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Haut Volant de Bratislava
Bratislavský Vysokoletún
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