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Sofijski scharen letatsch | СОФИЙСКИ ШАРЕН БЕЗ КАЧУЛ

Sofia Pattern Uncrested (EE: Sofia Tumbler) – or also known by the names: Culbutant de Sofia, Sofiaer Gescheckter Tümmler, Capitombolante in Sofia, СофияТурман, Софийски Шарен със Качул – is a variety that comes from Sofia (Bulgaria), which first developed in the 1900s (believed to have actually been known more than 150 years ago). Varieties belonging to this type of tumbler, are very popular varieties, mainly because of the aspect of flight performance, which is considered very extraordinary, partly because of its ability to perform acrobatic movements in the air. In addition to great flying abilities, this variety also has a beautiful appearance.

Sofiaer gescheckter Tümmler
Culbutant de Sofia

Sofijski scharen letatsch | софийски шарен с качул

Decorative pigeon Sofia Pattern Crested – or also known by the name: Софийски Шарен С Качул – is a variety that originated in Bulgaria, especially developed in Sofia, but has not been found since when it began to be developed (estimated in the 19th century). In the breeding process carried out, according to existing records, this variety is more “caged”, resulting in deteriorating flight capacity, shrinking body size, and decreasing body weight. Varieties classified as Tumbler type, classified as popular, especially in further developments, are for the sake of the show.

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sofia tumbler
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