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Beloslatin whitehead Roller

roller pigeons
Beloslatin whitehead Roller

Белослатински белоглав

Beloslatin whitehead Roller – also known by the name : Beloslatiner Weisskopf Roller , Rouleur de Beloslatina á tête blanc – This is a medium-sized gull that is mainly grown in the central part of northern Bulgaria, but in recent years it has spread almost all over the country. In all likelihood his origins are quite common with the Oriental sweater with whom they resemble. The main quality of the breed is flying and mating, but also some symmetry in the pattern, gracefulness of the figure, pure and intense color. We can rightly admit that this is the Bulgarian breed with the most virtuosoes and play in the air, unfortunately very often ending tragically. Pigeons breeding this breed call pigeons “thumps” because flying often causes acrobats to strike in the ground. Such pigeons that can not control their game should not be lifted in the air and destroyed are left for selection only.

pigeons Rouleur
Rouleur de Beloslatina á tête blanc
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Beloslatiner Weisskopf Roller