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Oredea Wattle Pigeons

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oredea pigeons

Carunculat de Oradea

Pigeons belonging to this group are very widespread in Oradea and Oradia. Many passionate breeders are working to improve and standardize these pigeons, so there are breeders in Oradea, Beius, Tinca who have been growing this local breed for about 25 years.

Over the years, an essential improvement has been made to these pigeons, by crossing and rigorous selection in the direction of getting the dove desired by these breeders.

Carunculatul de Oradea comes from the crossing of four races of pigeons: carrier, barb, dragon and German beauty homer. The obtained hybrids that tended towards the dragon and the berber were still crossed between them.

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romanian wattle pigeons
Carunculat de Oradea