Wattle Pigeons

Low Carpathian Wattle Pigeon

Pigeon caronculé - polish
Pigeon caronculé des Basses Carpathes

Brodawczak podkarpacki

Low Carpathian Wattle Pigeon – or also known by the names: Karpatenvorländische Warzentaube , Pigeon caronculé des Basses Carpathes – breeds belongs to the group of wattle pigeons, a bird a little bigger than the Polish Brodwicak. This breed is quite good years but on average raises offspring, and this is due to the short beak, which makes it difficult to feed the chicks. The head is large, visible occipital bone. Large eyes, iris from pearl to dark depending on the plumage. Eyebrows, thick, flesh-colored. Beak wide at the base, blunt-ended bent. Nipples around the beak, wide wax in older birds, rugged, wrinkled. Neck of medium length, broad at the base. Moderate breast, rounded and forward. Wings arranged normally, shorted. Long tail, longer than ailerons on the wings. Jumping of medium length, strong and slightly bent. Legs and claws unimpaired. The types of colors are very large the most popular are black, red, yellow and white.

Karpatenvorländische Warzentaube
wattle pigeons
low carpatian wattle pigeons

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