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sélectionné pour ce signe particulier situé autour du bec.

Wattle Pigeons

Spanish Bagdad

It is known that it was created from hybrids of French Baghdad and Turkish bagdad pigeons ( kespir ) and that Bechstein (1795) was very prolific. Baghdad is a...

Wattle Pigeons

Kespir Pigeons

Kespir Baghdad – only known by this name – is a variety originating from Turkey (some records show that the development was carried out among...

Wattle Pigeons

Spain Flamenca Pigeons

Colom Flamenca Spain Flamenca – or also known by the names: Spanish Flamenco Dove, Flamenca, Spanische Flamenca-Taube, Испанский Голубь-Фламенка –...

Wattle Pigeons

Barb Pigeons

Barb pigeons – also known by the names: Barb Anglais, Indianer, Barbo (Polacco Inglese), Индиан – are ornamental pigeon varieties already known in...