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Zamoy Tumbler

Zamojski Tümmler


The Zamoy Tumbler pigeons – or also known by the names: Zamojski Tümmler , Culbutant de Zamosc– Zamość and nearby towns of south-eastern Poland, at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. This breed was bred on the basis of a cross between local volatile pigeons and pigeons brought from former Persia. These pigeons originally had the name “Persian“. Some breeders still use this colloquial name “Perskie” This breed after 1945 spread to the whole country. This allowed, with the participation of many breeders, to bring this breed to its present appearance and take the name “Zamojski” from the place where it was breed.

A medium-sized pigeon with an elongated silhouette, smooth or crested, single-colored or speckled, on medium-high legs, tight-fitting plumage, well-fitting, wings worn on the tail, a lively disposition, a typical fly-pigeon. via: www.pzhgridi.pl

polish tumbler
zamoy tumbler
zamoyywllow tumbler
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Culbutant de Zamosc