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Armenian Tumbler

tumbler - white
white crested pigeons

Armenian Tumbler ornamental pigeons – or commonly known by the names: Culbutant d’Armenia, Armenischen Purzeltaube, Capitombolanto in Armenia, армянский голубь – The Armenian Tumbler pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. It is actually a breed of Tumbler pigeons that originated in Armenia. , which have been cultivated since the 1800s. This variety is classified into tumbler type. Usually this dove has a distinctive mark, in the form of a black neck and a black tail, or a brown neck and a brownish tail, a feature known as a “bellneck” (see photo in order 3). But it is not uncommon for color deviation to occur. Body hairs are usually soft, sometimes having a crest or without a crest. Some individuals have feathers on their legs and some without feathers.

armenian tumbler - yellow pigoens
armenian tumbler
armenian tumbler pgieons