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kazanlak Highflyer

Kазанлъшки високолетящ

Kazanlak highflyer pigeons They have been grown since time immemorial, as they remember and tell the oldest native doves from the Kazanlak ( bulgarian pigeons ) region who are still alive. They are predominantly for flying in the Kazanlak region, but meet in places in Karlovo, Sopotsko, Kalofer. They are found in white, gray, black – arapa, black with white wings – chapirs, rarely gray on black strips – tigers, and red. The Kazanlak pigeon has wings down under the tail, slightly leaning on the ground. The tail is more common with 14-16 feathers, less 12-17 feathers. It should not be concave or wide, not less curled than 8 cm and wider than 12 cm. The bead is well developed, not short but not too long. After two years of age, there was a slight infiltration of the male’s nostrils. Their purpose is for high flying with achievements of 4-8 hours. There are also cases when pigeons have reached 10-12 hours. The Kazanlak pigeons have a medium sized body and a good body. Eyes. The white specimens have black eyes with a thin single white brow. Black and gray have a gray, thin, single-sided eye. Forehead. Wide high forehead in straight line with the beak. Preferably, the forehead is slightly higher than the dove. The chest is wide and tight. The dove’s dovetail is proportional to the body. The legs are clean without feathers, that is, unpeeled.

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